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Best Twitter experience on the iPhone? Twitter follow If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly on some form of social media or another. You’re not a self-proclaimed “social media guru” or some kind of “expert” on getting people to follow you, buy 100 twitter retweets just someone who enjoys talking to interesting people online.For most of us, our network of choice is Twitter. But, when it comes to using Twitter while on-the-go, there is a ton of different apps to choose from. To help make this decision easier (and save you a few bucks in the process), we compared five of the most popular Twitter clients available for the iPhone.Everyone uses Twitter for something different. The features you want may not be the same features I want. Whether you’re a long time iPhone user or just stepped into the world of iOS for the first time over the holidays, we have an app for you. If you’re a Twitter power-user, we got you covered. If you just want to read your timeline and keep up with your friends, there’s something here for you, too. Echofon is one of the oldest clients on this list, and its age is beginning to show. It has a cleaner interface than some other clients, but also lacks a lot of Twitter’s newer features. While it does support the majority of the core features, like direct messages and lists, you won’t find support for many power-users features.Unfortunately, Echofon falls into the trap of being under-designed in many areas. Actions that could be accomplished through icons or buttons with glyphs are instead put in menus or on buttons with plain text on them.What Echofon really has going for it is its speed. It’s much faster than many other Twitter apps. Actions like replying and retweeting can be quickly accomplished by tapping on a user’s avatar in the timeline.

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Twitter Apps for the iPhone Compared

Even though Tweetion does more than just search, the first screen you see is an unattractive view of current trends and the option to search for tweets nearby. gain twitter retweets free True, you can view your full tweeting history, update Facebook with each tweet, and change your Twitter avatar, but at $4.99 your wallet and your eyes are better off if you take your business elsewhere.Priced $1 higher than fan favorite Tweetie, Tweetsville falls about a buck short. There's no support for multiple accounts or location-based networking, but you can expect Twitter trends, advance search (this is cool), favorites, tweet history, unread direct message count, inline links, and navigation bar customization. Plus, since Tweetsville comes from Tapulous, you can expect a beautiful app, pleasant niceties (like iChat-style view), and plenty of functionality. Combine a myriad of features, a strange UI, and $2.99 price tag, and you get LaTwit. Worthy of note is multiple account support, URL shorteners, posting, the ability to hide users, custom font sizes, and interchangeable tabs. If it weren't so buggy, we'd be much more enthusiastic about it.Not a bad offering for a free app - NatsuLion's got all the basics covered - though we'd love to have the ability to add photos and retweet. One feature we love is the option to view our Twitter friends conversations.This oldie but goodie was the first ad free iPhone app to manage replies, dms, and overall twitter streams in a way that worked for me. It's certainly managed to evolve with the times, changing both its look and feature set. It now includes search, bookmarks for tweets and searches, the ability to view friends of friends, and a page down button.

Best Twitter client apps for the iPhone and the iPad

Ah, Twitter, the so-called “SMS of the Internet”! Being one of the most popular microblogging social networks, buy retweets on twitter Twitter proves that you don't need more than 140 characters to express yourself thoroughly – all it takes is a simple tweet. Each second, roughly 7,000 tweets (!) are being tweeted between the users of the hashtag-centric social network, which means that around 500 million tweets are being created every day. A majority of these are being tweeted by users that sport a mobile device, and it is highly likely that a great percentage of these devices are being powered by Cupertino's mobile OS. Although an official Twitter app can be download for free from Apple's App Store, there are a ton of 3rd-party ones, which offer more features and functionalities than the regular Twitter client. While we can't cover all of them, we've made a curated selection of some of the most popular, useful, and noteworthy ones. Well, frankly said, a large portion of the apps that have comfortably made their way to our pick below look pretty similar to each other, but then again, it's the features under the hood and the on-board options that truly make a difference. If your favorite Twitter client for iOS isn't listed below, feel free to share it with us in the comments section. Without further ado, let's go ahead and check out some of the most noteworthy Twitter clients for the iPhone and the iPad!Open the App Store, and you’ll see Twitterrific listed for free. But it isn't exactly, at least if you want to use all of its features. It will cost you $2 to go ad free and another $2 to activate push notifications. I’d suggest ponying up the $4 and getting everything Twitterrific offers, because once you do so, Twitterrific is, in fact, terrific. I like its big, bold layout in timeline view and how easy it is to switch between viewing your timeline, mentions, and direct messages using the icons at the top.